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State Licensed & Board Certified

State Licensed & Board Certified
Hire a real expert

We are State Licensed and Board Certified Indoor Environmentalists by the Indoor Air Quality Council, and members of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Latest Equipment

Latest Equipment
Technology does matter

We use the latest and most advanced non-invasive equipment, some of our equipment includes infrared thermal imaging cameras, laser particle counters, hygrometers, digital and fiber optic borescopes and more…

Accredited Labs

Accredited Labs
Fast and reliable data

We work with the most skilled, equipped and accredited labs. Analytical accuracy and fast turnaround is our top priority.

Outstanding digital Reports

Outstanding digital Reports
Easy. Detailed. Accurate

Our report is our pride, digital, organized, easy to read and very well documented. Would you like to see a sample? Give us a call and we will be happy to send you a sample report by email.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround
When time is of the essence

Our standard analytical turnaround time is 48hs. We also offer 24hs and even same day turnaround times.

Special Offer

Special Offer
Office air quality assessments

Is your work space making you, co-workers or employees sick? Give us a call and ask for your our new office air sampling specials.


Over 3.500+ inspections performed since 2005
We are experienced in the following areas:



  • Mold Inspections and Testing
  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Chinese Drywall (Sulfurous Drywall) Testing
  • Environmental Chemistry Testing
  • Microbial and Bacterial Testing
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Correction or Remediation Protocols
  • Leak Detection

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Free mold inspectionAre you a home owner or a tenant looking for a "FREE OR CHEAP MOLD INSPECTION"?Even though you might come across certain companies that advertise for free or incredibly

Pre- Purchase SPECIAL!

Pre- Purchase SPECIAL!Florida residents, whether you are being required to do a mold inspection by your lender, whether your home inspector discover mold or moisture issues during the initial inspection and he

New Florida mold law, effective July 2010

New Florida mold law, effective July 2010Senate bill (SB2234) is in effect since July 1st 2010. This new mold law was put in place to protect consumers against fraudulent and unqualified mold companies. It is very

Florida DBPR announces mold bill implementation

Florida DBPR announces mold bill implementationSenate Bill 2234, which provides for licensure and regulation of mold assessors and remediators, becomes effective on July 1, 2010. Senate Bill 2234 does not provide for a Board of

DIY Chinese Drywall Testing – Step by Step

DIY Chinese Drywall Testing – Step by StepWant to know if your property has the infamous Chinese Drywall? Follow these instructions and you will know if you have Chinese drywall in your property in a matter of days

Help Florida Implement the New Mold Law

Help Florida Implement the New Mold LawThe Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is holding public stakeholder meetings throughout the state in order to gain input on implementing its mold licensing law. By attending

Insurance claim tips for mold damage

Insurance claim tips for mold damageINTRO Traditionally, mold damage has been covered where it results from a covered peril, such as a broken pipe, a storm, or fire suppression efforts, but not where it occurs gradually

Chinese Drywall – Channel 10 News

Is There Chinese Drywall In Your Home? Senator Requests Help For Residents With Chinese DrywallPOSTED: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 UPDATED: 9:48 am EDT April 9, 2009 PARKLAND, Fla. -- An expert explained Wednesday

Mold in Florida a Growing Concern

Mold in Florida a Growing ConcernIndoor mold has been around for centuries, even the Old Testament of the Bible mentioned inspection and removal of mold. Why all the concern now?There are many reasons. The first

Free mold inspection

Free mold inspectionAre you a home owner or a tenant looking for a "FREE OR CHEAP MOLD INSPECTION"?Even though you might come across certain companies that advertise for free or incredibly

Mold and your Health

Mold and Your HealthWe are exposed to many kinds of mold both indoors and outdoors. The exposure is greater in damp or wet conditions, especially when timely drying out does not have a chance to occur. Of the thousands of molds that exist, some are known allergens (aggravating or causing skin, eye and respiratory problems) and a few molds produce harmful mycotoxins that can cause serious problems. But all molds, in the right conditions and high enough concentrations, are capable of adversely affecting human health. The potential for health problems occurs when people inhale large quantities of the airborne mold spores. For some people, however, a relatively small number of mold spores can cause health problems. Infants, children, immune-compromised patients, pregnant women, individuals with existing respiratory conditions and the elderly are at higher risks for adverse health effects from mold.

Why inspect or test for Mold

Why inspect for moldThe purpose of a mold inspection is to determine the presence of mold spores in an indoor environment, our mold inspection will determine what kind of mold genus were found, the amounts found in the air or a surface if mold is visible and if the amount of spores found are normal for that environment or elevated. Another purpose of a mold inspection is to determine the cause of the indoor air quality problem and the solution.


loved by many customers all around Florida!

Thank you for the report and lab results. You were extremely professional and I truly appreciate the fact that you did not try to take advantage of me the way the previous inspector did (wanted to charge $600 for only two tests). Your work speaks for itself and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone I know of that thinks they might have a mold problem. Sometimes in the pursuit of earning money, people forget to treat others with kindness and with respect. You have shown me that there are still honest men out there that are fair and decent. Thank you again.


Meyers, Florida

-    Vivian
The expedited turnaround time on the inspection report was exceptional, and very much appreciated. I will certainly keep Ecotech in mind for future needs.


Boca Raton, Florida

-    David
I have successfully received the reports. I am currently going through the information. Very well presented. Thanks for the quality work.

Martin K

Margate, Florida

-    Martin K
I thought that everyone I spoke to was very polite and answered all my questions even if they were dumb. You guys were helpful in sending documents and even helping me on my computer by phone, Now who does that anymore. Thanx Guys ur great.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

-    Anne
After going through a previous mold problem in my home and seeing the first inspection company do their job in 45 minutes and providing a hard to read report with a bunch of numbers, I though all companies worked the same way; but your company is far beyond what I expected, very detailed inspection and an incredible report. I will highly recommend your services to others. Thanks again for all the hard work and patience.


West Palm, Florida

-    Sandra
Thank you so much for coming to inspect the condo on such short notice. I was in a bind and I needed serious help. I really appreciate the professionalism you and your partner demonstrated. I felt very validated and supported by both of you as well as by the results produced by your work. You guys not only worked hard to test the condo for mold, but you took the time to provide a wealth of information and answer any questions I had. I look forward to the report! In any event, I wanted to let you know that I will highly recommend your services to anyone.


Pomapano Beach, Florida

-    Miriam
This company is absolutely the best. If you want a company that is Customer First and goes the extra mile for you, these guys are it. I was so fortunate to have Martin take care of me without tying to rip me off like a lot of companies do, but really take care of me in the most honest and customer friendly manner. They are the best and I recommend you do business with them. This comment has not been solicited or asked for, I volunteered to offer it myself.

Bryan Brooks

Miami, Florida

-    Bryan Brooks
Thank you for the report. It was a pleasure working with EcoTech. You will be highly recommended.Thanks again

Dan W

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

-    Dan W
Thank you for your services. My wife and I appreciate the level of professionalism you maintained here during your visit. It was most helpful. We look forward to the results of the test.


Delray Beach, Florida

-    Peter
I appreciate the work you guys did, my home is now remidiated and free of mold; and the entire family feels a lot better. Thank you!


Miami Beach, Florida

-    Susan





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